Health and Social Care: Practice (Adults) Level 3

The qualification is practice-based and assesses learners’ knowledge and competence to practice in employment. It provides the opportunity to enrich knowledge and skills using both mandatory content and optional units. It will be of interest to learners working in domiciliary support services, residential care, learning disability provision including community based healthcare services. In particular, learners will be able to demonstrate that they:

  • understand, and apply in practice, the principles and values which underpin health and social care
  • understand, and apply in practice, person-centred approaches
  • promote and support effective practice within Health and Social Care
  • are aware of key policies within the sector and understand how these affect service development and delivery
  • work in partnership with individuals, their families, carers and a range of professionals
  • apply a range of problem solving techniques reflect on practice to continuously improve use literacy, numeracy and digital competency skills as appropriate within their role.

Who the qualification is for?

This qualification is for individuals that are currently employed in a Health and Social Care adult focused setting and can be delivered through work-based learning or a further education college. It is expected that learners have a degree of autonomy in their role and are supporting others to deliver high quality care.

It is suitable for:

  • learners who have successfully completed the Level 2 Health and Social Care: Core qualification
  • learners who have successfully completed the Level 2 Health and Social Care: Practice (Adults) qualification
  • learners who have completed appropriate legacy qualifications included in the Social Care Wales – Qualifications Framework for Social Care and Regulated Childcare in Wales.

What will the qualification cover?

The mandatory content of the qualification is aligned to the key themes of the All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care and includes:

  • principles and practice
  • safeguarding
  • health and safety
  • health and well-being
  • professional practice.

Qualification structure

This qualification contains a single mandatory and a range of optional units that are linked to specific types of support or health and social care settings.

To achieve the Level 3 Health and Social Care: Practice (Adults) qualification learners must achieve a minimum of 50 credits in total:

  • 18 credits must be achieved from the mandatory unit
  • A minimum of 32 credits will be selected from the suite of optional units which include units that are about direct support and healthcare.

Qualification assessment

The learning must successfully complete;

  • a portfolio that includes direct observation of practice
  • externally set, internally assessed tasks.

What could the qualification lead to?

Successful completion of this qualification will enable learners to work with more autonomy and responsibility as a qualified Level 3 Health and Social Care Senior Care Worker, with a focus on adults who are vulnerable or in need.

It will also help learners who need to apply for registration with Social Care Wales as a Senior Care Worker, although other registration requirements will also need to be met. For further information please visit:

The qualification provides the appropriate knowledge and competence to practice and support learners to progress to:

  • Level 4 Professional Practice in Health and Social Care
  • Level 4 Preparing for Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care.

Other qualifications that may be of interest are:

  • Level 3 Health and Social Care: Practice (Children and Young People)
  • Advanced GCE and Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Health and Social Care, and Childcare
  • Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Health and Social Care: Principles and Contexts (Adults, Children and Young People).

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